The Homes for the 2013 Fall Home Tour!
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 We proudly present the homes for the 2013 Old Oak Cliff Conservation League Fall Home Tour!  October 12 and 13th / 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Tickets will be available for discounted purchase at area Tom Thumbs.
Hampton Rd.
Lovers and Greenville
Mockingbird and Abrams
Adults $20.00 Seniors 60 and above $12.00.

Tickets purchased online will be available at Ticket Central during the tour.  Ticket Central will be at 8th and Bishop in the Bishop Arts District.

Ticket prices during the tour will be:

Adults $25.00 Seniors 60 and above $15.00

Kiestwood                                                 North Cliff

Kessler Plaza                                               Kings Hwy

East Kessler Park                                         Kings Hwy

Stevens Park Estates                                    South Winnetka

Kessler Park                                                Kessler Park

Stevens Park Estates                                    East Kessler Park