2014 Architecture at Risk List
10. McKinney Lamar Viaduct / Continental Viaduct c.1931
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Completed in 1931, the McKinney-Lamar (Continental) Viaduct was one of 4 vehicular bridges created in the early 1930's to alleviate traffic and congestion to and from Oak Cliff.  It also provided routes free from worry of flooding from the Trinity River.  Before the completion of the 4 viaducts, the Houston viaduct served as the sole secure connection to and from Dallas.  The other bridges along with a streetcar viaduct were at Commerce, Cadiz and Corinth.  A $6,950,000 bond issue was approved by voters on 3 April 1928, which provided for the construction of the bridges. 

Architecture at Risk Revisited
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    1. Historic Alamo Courts Signage   

It's a story everyone knows.  

1. Owner demolishes aging motor court for future development and promises the preservation community to preserve the iconic sign on the property.

2. Owner begins floating ideas about moving the sign off the property and the preservation community, the public and the press reminds him he would not.

3. Owner says he will salvage the sign rather than preserve it and scatter it's parts across the development which in effect would destroy the sign.

All of Oak Cliff wants to support the Sylvan/Thirty development and wants it to succeed.  Much of Oak Cliff wants the Alamo sign preserved, in itact and on the historic roadway.  

There is still time to do the right thing and listen to the wishes of the community and have a happy ending.

The beautiful sign is imprisoned only a few blocks away.

If you'd like to talk to the owner of the sign you can do so at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or his agent at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Quarterly General Membership Meeting
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1. Humble Service Station 2012
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UPDATE 5/30/12 - A meeting has been scheduled in the next week with Councilmember Jasso, the developer and the Lake Cliff Neighborhood Association.  The developer says the space is too small for his needs and must be demolished.  He will work with the neighborhood to create something similar in style.  Ironically, he will also seek "Gateway" zoning decreasing setbacks from the street.  Granting him these changes allows a greater footprint and in effect a larger structure, making demolition more likely and profitable.  A 15 foot setback is currently required on Beckley and Zang.  Preservation should be part of any deal on set back variances.

If you would like a different outcome like for instance that the developer use the existing historic facade along with new constrcution - EXPRESS YOURSELF!  Write your councilperson today.

Delia Jasso District 1
Scott Griggs District 3 

Humble Oil Service Station - Zang and Beckley

Humble Oil was founded in Texas in 1911. Their stations were once found throughout the state. They later merged with Standard Oil and were re-branded as Exxon in 1972. It took the Humble Oil Company almost 6 months to gain permission to build their art deco service station at the corner of Zang and Beckley.

Humble Oil Ad - 1930

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