2014 Architecture at Risk List
7. Stevie Ray Vaughn's Home 2011 List
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Blues is the music of people who have tasted not only the sweet things in life, but also the tragedy, the struggle, the loss and redemption; not music for top 40 listeners, but for people who are willing to stare life and death in the eyes, and sing about it. The same can be said for different parts of a city. There is the “safe” and “predictable” part of town, and then there is Oak Cliff. Where else could a Dallas Blues legend like Stevie Ray Vaughn come from than a part of town that isn’t afraid to take what life dishes out and use it to cook up a song.

8. Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones 2011 List
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Fifty years ago this year, Estelle Williams started serving sno-cones to Oak Cliff residents at 2002 W. Clarendon. Her daughter Lee wasn’t able to work there the first year it was open because she couldn’t see above the counter; but she’s been there ever since. Lee is an Oak Cliff native and went to Winnetka Elementary, Greiner Junior High and Sunset High School.

2010 Architecture at Risk List Status
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1. Churches of Tenth St.
While OC Christian fell, Tyler St. Methodist is working on their Landmark status for next year's 100 anniversary of the church.

BONUS: Adamson High School - Landmarked

When local residents thought Oak Cliff Christian was threatened, they elected new trustee Eric Cowan.  While Eric couldn't save Oak Cliff Christian, he did save Adamson High School, along with Adamson Alumni and Preservation Dallas.  Much thanks to the Dallas CIty Council for its unanimous support on Adamson.
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Most long-time Cliffites know bits and pieces of Oak Cliff history, and some are scholars of the subject. During our research to identify the risk factors associated with many current buildings and structures, we were reminded continuously about the abundant success stories in Oak Cliff. The following properties provide excellent examples of organic growth, as well as reminders of how community effort, positive zoning regulations, maintaining original structures, as well as caring property owners and visionaries can change the shape of an entire community.

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