Fall Home Tour Preview IV
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Built in 1955, this home exhibits the typical mid-century horizontal lines, accentuated by the custom-made light fixture and garden benches.

Architectural details include picture-rail moldings, a contemporary updated galley kitchen and a Dilbeck-style porthole window.
Fall Home Tour Preview III
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This wonderfully preserved Airplane Bungalow built in 1923 sits discretely amid the hustle and bustle of Kings Highway’s traditional yet modern neighborhood. The Airplane Bungalow is an early 20th century architectural style that came out of the Craftsman movement and was popular on the west coast and in the southwest. It is characterized by a “pop up” second floor (cupola style) from which you can see 360° and resembles the cockpit of an airplane over wings.

The current owners immediately fell in love with the house at first site and have only lived here for a little over one year. They have filled their home with original art done by the owner and her friends – their varying art styles compliment the contrasting antique as well as modern approach to decorating the home.

Fall Home Tour Preview II
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S. Clinton - S. Winnetka

A sidewalk stamp in front of this South Winnetka home dates construction to 1917. The custom construction is unique for the area, with walls extending 10 feet underground, providing a storm shelter for the neighborhood. A 1919 Dallas Morning News ad listed the “dandy corner” home for sale at a reduced price of $5,500, well under the $7,500 construction cost, and featured 9 rooms, plastered walls, basement and sleeping porch. According to The Dallas Journal, a 1940 homeowner was denied permit to build a garage, and also denied permit to build an apartment above the garage in 1943.

Fall Home Tour Preview I
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Ivanadell / North Cliff Conservation District

This charming and unique Spanish Eclectic home was built in 1927 although the address doesn’t actually show up in the city’s telephone directories until 1933.  It was the first home built on the street and sat alone for six years.  The original owner was a contractor who had built similar but much larger homes on Colorado Blvd. around the same time.  He built his own 1000 square foot home here using similar materials and design elements from those mansions.

In an effort to preserve the character and architectural integrity of their neighborhood, area residents began the process of forming a conservation district.  The North Cliff Conservation District (CD 9) was formally created by the city of Dallas in 1994.  The five recognized architectural styles targeted for preservation are Tudor Revival, Arts and Crafts, Minimal Traditional, Spanish Eclectic and Prairie Foursquare.  The purpose of the district is to preserve these styles through architectural guidelines, development standards, and special provisions including zoning, land uses and setbacks.  The ordinance would ultimately save this home from the wrecking ball ten years later. 

The Homes for the 2013 Fall Home Tour!
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 We proudly present the homes for the 2013 Old Oak Cliff Conservation League Fall Home Tour!  October 12 and 13th / 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Tickets will be available for discounted purchase at area Tom Thumbs.
Hampton Rd.
Lovers and Greenville
Mockingbird and Abrams
Adults $20.00 Seniors 60 and above $12.00.

Tickets purchased online will be available at Ticket Central during the tour.  Ticket Central will be at 8th and Bishop in the Bishop Arts District.

Ticket prices during the tour will be:

Adults $25.00 Seniors 60 and above $15.00

Kiestwood                                                 North Cliff

Kessler Plaza                                               Kings Hwy

East Kessler Park                                         Kings Hwy

Stevens Park Estates                                    South Winnetka

Kessler Park                                                Kessler Park

Stevens Park Estates                                    East Kessler Park
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